Concept camera - control your emotions

Jul 02, 2008
It is an interesting moment when some models of modern cameras are able to define when to release the shutter based on external factors, as a smile or a blink of the eye.

The major part of the control is delivered to the gadget more and more often. Thats why, German designer Akbiyik Volkan has developed a shooter that acts according to its own settings. Now taking photos depends on your mood and emotions.

As it is seen on the picture, the gadget is supposed to be worn over your ear, just like a hearing aid. There is a thin lens, which faces the direction youre looking at, and snaps the shot. The way the gadget recognizes emotions wasnt, actually, explained.

Probably, there are small bumps inside the device that will define the heat and heart rate.
This system means that the gadget will take pictures every time you feel an emotion. Thus, I guess the device will need a memory expansion slot if your mood and emotions change too often!

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