What clock should wake you up in the morning?

Jan 28, 2008
Who likes getting up in the morning? Almost no one. But it is necessary. What kind of alarm clock do you prefer to be awoken by? What alarm clock will make your mood better? Check out the following top.

Number 4. If the Kit-Cat Clock wakes you up in the morning, your day will definitely start well. Funny classical design of the clock will please your eyes and cheer you up.

It is almost impossible not to smile when you see the cat's rolling eyes and wagging tail. The clock will look perfect in a playing room. The Kit-Cat Clock has undergone some positive changes since 1930's - now it also has an FM tuner. That's why this two-in-one gadget is very nice and handy.

Number 3. The third place will take Ghost Clock. Stricter and more classical design of the following clock makes it perfect for any room. But personally I would recommend it for your living room.

A lot of attracted attention is guaranteed. The Ghost clock is entirely made of glass. It looks striking. The combination of glass and white paintings make its general look amazing. Actually, the design and the mechanism are simple, but generally the clock looks great.

Number 2. Timex Side Loading CD Player Clock Radio T625 really deserves the second place. It is a usual, modern and very functional clock. The creators say that you don't need a stereo system; all you need is this clock. As you see, you may listen to you favorite CDs and radio.

Speaking about the alarm that will wake you up, I'd like to notice that it is programmable. You have the possibility to program the alarm settings for a full week, the workweek, or the weekend.

This function will help you not to break the order of your day. Four built-in nature sounds let you set a timer to wake to brook, ocean, wind chimes or bird. You will also find a lot of useful functions on this clock. It will become your favorite gadget.

Number 1. Let us see the number one alarm clock today. But first let me ask you: "Aren't you tired of all these novelties, super alarm clocks with CD, DVD, FM and a lot of other useful functions? Don't you wish to have something more unusual?" I hope that the answer is "yes".

Then let me present you Voco Alarm Clock. You won't hear any pop or rock song, or the sound of ocean or bird. You will hear a pleasant, polite and gentle voice asking you to wake up. You may choose 50 different wake-up messages, 12 thank you message and a 90-second relaxation message to fall asleep.

I'm not sure you will have enough time to fall asleep in 90 seconds, but you may try. This alarm clock differs from others. There are no extraordinary functions but it is great in its simplicity.

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