Canon VIXIA HF M32 - New Dual Memory Camcorder from Canon

Jul 14, 2010
Canon has launched its latest camcorder from the VIXIA line, which in Europe is known as Legria. Canon HF M32 is a dual memory camcorder. It represents an easy-to-use instrument for making movies.

With Canon's latest device you can record high-quality HD video for hours. The device boasts 64GB of internal flash memory and can record up to 24 hours of high-definition video.

Canon HF M32 also includes an SD memory card slot, which you can use to increase memory even with the latest generation of SDXC memory cards. It would be interesting to note that an SDXC memory card may increase the capacity of the camcorder from 32GB to 2TB. In addition, with these cards you get a faster data transfer.

With the Relay Recording feature, available on the new Canon camcorder, you can transition from one storage cell to another without disrupting your video.

Other features were already used in Canon Vixia HF-M31, including HD CMOS sensor capable of 3 megapixel stills, 15x optical zoom lens that feature both optical and powered image stabilization and 2.7-inch touchscreen LCD.

[via Engadget]


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