Asus EEE PC - Small Pleasure

Oct 26, 2008
The choice of ASUS Eee PC models keeps getting larger, and the company shows little sign of stopping until theres a netbook variant for every individual person on the planet.

Your 0 gets you a 10-inch WSVGA 1024 x 600 display with LED backlight, Intels 1.6GHz single-core Atom processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM and a 160GB 5,400rpm hard-drive.

Like just about every other netbook therere three USB 2.0 ports, a VGA output, audio in/out sockets, ethernet and a memory card reader. The 1000HA drops the draft-N wireless of the 1000H, and the Bluetooth, but keeps Wi-Fi b/g, the 1.3-megapixel webcam and the 6-cell, 6600mAh battery pack.

As specifications go, thats pretty much par for the course in netbook circles. Storage choice comes down the usual compromise of the capacity of a hard-drive versus the speed and stability of an SSD; the 1000HA picks the former. Its a long way removed from the 2GB of the original Eee PC 700, and it makes for a machine that, intentions permitting, you could happily use as your everyday driver.

If capacity has rocketed up, styling has experienced a more gradual evolution. The 1000HA is still recognizably an Eee PC, with squared-off edges and the brushed metal trim around the trackpad and at the hinges. Its far higher quality, though, with both plastics and paint finishes being a few notches above earlier versions.

The casing is unsurprisingly all plastic, rather than metal, but it feels sturdy and theres no sign of undue flex. With a 10-inch display, the 1000HA is on the larger end of the netbook scale; in fact ASUS CEO Jerry Shen has recently re-confirmed that you wont see a netbook from the company with a larger LCD.

Thats no disappointment with this particular panel: bright, with very consistent backlighting and vibrant colors, its a surprisingly impressive display given the price. The 1024 x 600 resolution is a reasonable compromise between fitting standard apps and webpages while keeping icons and text visible.


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Oct 27, 2008 01:00 PM » posted by: Sam

It is really very useful. It is really small. Where can I get it???

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