Top 10 Hottest Gadgets Girls - Part 2

Oct 19, 2009
You can check out the first part at the bottom of this post. To remind you that gadgets girls are the ladies that present different gadgets at tech shows or in commercials. This list includes some sexy gadgets girls, which were chosen according to the subjective opinion of the team from Gadgets.InfoNIAC.com. Hope you enjoy observing the images and if you have some more images of beautiful gadgets girls, you are welcome to leave your comments with links leading direct to the images or submit pictures using the "Submit New" button.

10. The Apple laptop in this image is presented by a gorgeous model from Buenos Aires. Her name is Cristina Poetto and she surely enriches the looks of the slim white laptop.

9. The girl with a gorgeous red dress shows a portable media played dubbed Cube H600HD, which we described in the first post. To note that this gadget was presented by several beautiful girls and you can see some of them in the first post and in this one as well.

8. The same Cube is presented here by another cute Asian girl who lies on the bed in a beautiful white shirt (or whatever that is) and takes a look at the device.

7. Here are two images of another cute girl. In the first image the gadgets girl shows a model of Nokia cell phone leaning against some kind of table. She has a beautiful dress and really nice legs. In the second image you can see that she has "Nokia 8600 Luna" written on her left breast (I find that sexy). On both images she has a beautiful, tender smile. If anyone knows her name please leave a comment below.

6. The face of this girl is so very cute that we decided to include her in the list of the hottest gadgets girls. She presents the slimmest Blu-Ray player in the world (only 39mm) and she sure does that well.

5. Another gorgeous girl from Buenos Aires is Joana Tomaselli. She was hired by Apple to take part in the ad of the company's iPod Shuffle - as you can see she wears an orange model of the iPod.

4. In this post Xbox360 is presented by a beautiful Asian girl with a dreadful gun that seems to be bigger than the girl herself. She might look harmless, but be careful when you meet her, she might use one of those weapons against you if you are rude to her. Once again, if you know the name of the girl, you're welcome to leave a comment below.

3. Play Station Portable never looked better. If you're attentive enough, you might notice the gadget in her hands. PSP was introduced in 2005, but that doesn't really matter because it's not the gadget that you want to see, right?

2. This summer you might have witnessed the presentation of these Ultrasone outer headphones. The two beautiful gadgets girls in the picture demonstrate the device. If these girls did not catch your attention then here are some specs of the new gadget: it has its earcups covered in durable Ruthenium, while their interior is covered in fine Ethiopian sheepskin, which offers the most isolation than any other type of leather. In case you were lucky to meet these girls they probably told you that these new headphones represent the brand new S-Logic Plus natural surround sound technology.

1. Dell surely knows how to catch attention. The company's colorful laptops are presented here by three sexy gadgets girls in colorful outfits that are there you make you want to buy one of those laptops.


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