A microwave beam weapon

Jun 26, 2008
A microwave beam weapon is not a fantasy nowadays, it really exists.
It works in the following way: the so-called active denial system (ADS) projects microwave-like radiation even for more than 500 yards.

This system makes a painful, full-body burning sensation in someone who got in its rays. Can you imagine that these millimeter-wave rays permeate skin into a depth of about 1.64in? But the most important aspect is that as the result you get just temporary damages.

The ADS have a lot of advantages, and the result have been seen for the last few years.
The Scientific Development Branch is working on a portable variant of the ADS, because these prototypes of the weapon weigh about 3 tones. It looks like American police is going to get one soon. A working concept has already been created.

One of the first customers for the original variant of the weapon is the US Air Force. More than 10,000 tests have been made and 99% of the volunteers said it is an effective method.
So, is a microwave beam weapon the weapon of the future?


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