5 great gadgets you will be able to get soon (Part II)

Apr 15, 2008
This article is the second part of the list of the gadgets that aren't available for buying yet. But you still have a chance to schedule to obtain them very soon.

1. Sony VAIO G2 is a very thin laptop and is made of lightweight carbon-fiber. The 12-inch display and full keyboard were madefor your comfort not to squint in two-finger typing.

There are laptops with 100 GB or 64 GB hard drives for your choice. The laptop has no moving parts; that's why it is faster and more powerful. The gadget also has a nice feature that is really handy for travelers.

If you spill any kind of liquid on the drip-proof keyboard, the device shuts down automatically before anything gets spoiled.

2. Fujitsu F705i is really something incredible. The gadget is the slimmest and the most perfected waterproof mobile phone. It means you can even wash it with water or try to receive the calls under the water.

But there are also some more interesting features of this device. For example, 8X zoom makes reading your e-mail easier, defying lighting conditions.

Then, the phone has a function called "super clear voice" that automatically adapts the volume of the incoming calls to the most optimal level, depending on noise.

3. Aigo USB Dongle was designed exclusively for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It is a HDTV (High definition television).

All you have to do in order to receive TV broadcasts is to plug it in your laptop's USB port.

The gadget features Legend Silicon's LGS-8GL5 chip set that receives and decodes terrestrial signals from China's mobile HDTV broadcast network.

This device is one of the portable gadgets that are being installed almost everywhere in China.

4. The idea of NEC LUI is rather simple and useful: you just have to save your digital media on gadget's home server and then access it wirelessly via a nice handheld gadget or a thin 1.4-pound subnotebook.

The server has two high-def tuners and a built-in DVDR. So, this system connects via WiMax wireless. But it would be much better if there was created a minimized variant of the device.

5. The Face Bank lets you save your money there.

If you wave a coin in front of its eyes, it will open its mouth and swallow your coin.

Moreover, it looks really pleased like it has eaten something very tasty. I think it could be even prettier and more interesting if the Face Bank spoke something like 'thank you'.

This pretty device costs and is available in eight different colors and textures. It is an interesting gadget for an economical businessman.

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