5 Devices That Are Smarter Than You Even Imagine

Apr 26, 2008
The gadgets in the following top will make your life and routine every-day duties easier and even pleasant. For example, a device in your kitchen will remind you when your provisions run short. So, they are already available, and you will be able to buy them.

The Brainiac Dishwasher. It's price is near 99. Does it worth it? Thanks to the SmartDispense technology, the gadget keeps the entire bottle of liquid automatic dishwasher detergent and distributes the necessary amount, according to water hardness and dirtying. As the result of its work you will get very clean dishes. The gadget is also based on Angled Rack Dry System that has tines which accurately skirts cups, glasses, so water streams down. One more advantage I'd like to pay your attention to is that it is incredibly quiet. Of course, it has a lot of other features you will definitely find useful and handy.

For the next gadget you will have to pay 00. It is called Totos Neorest 600 and is two-in-one toilet and bidet combination. After youre finished with the heated seat you just have to activate the quiet Cyclone Flushing engine and such functions as Washlet air deodorizer and SanaGloss bowl cleaner will make everything ideally clean and fresh. All the functions might be activated the remote control. Just one touch of the button and you will get the ultimate cleanliness and comfort. In this situation simple design means great functionality.

The Modded Mattress ( the price is ,000,000) will change your opinion about a great sleep. It features anti-snore technology. Based on dual programmable temperature control from 68 to 117 degrees Fahrenheit it will help you to forget about any kind of discomfort. Finally, I bet you haven't even dreamed about a mattress with Internet connectivity, Wireless RF remote via Microsoft's Media Center and iPod docking station. It also uses a vibration-detection system that fits the best angle of your position on the bed. It has really great functions for a mattress, don't you think so?

The Zen Clock is a kind of luxury alarm clock. The gadget provides you a slow buildup of encompassing light. You may choose four different smells and six types of nature sounds instead of annoying alarm sound. Thirty minutes before you should get up Hammacher Schlemmers Peaceful Progression Wake-up Clocks lights start flushing. To this great set of functions also accrues the preloaded aroma beads. Finally, when you are used to the Ocean Surf sound, the buzzer activates. The device shows that even getting up in the morning can be pleasant and gentle.

The Intelligent Toothbrush (the price is .47) features a lot of nice functions you will appreciate. At first, it has a 2 minute timer, so the gadget beeps once and green light flashes once every 30 sec. to 2 minutes. Then, after 180 uses it will remind you to change the bristle wear: the light changes to red. It is the first toothbrush that features radial bristling. The newest ergonomic design for the 3080 onboard bristles will guarantee you the best cleaning.


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