10 facts you should know about mobile phones

Jun 17, 2008
Mobile phones have become an indivisible part of modern world. You may think you know everything about them: their design, features, innovative functions. But I present you 10 interesting things about mobile phones, that were collected from around the world, that you barely know.

1. There are dozens of them.
Can you imagine how many active cell phones are there on the planet? There are 3.3 billion active mobiles, which mean that their quantity is equal to the half of the population of the world. For example, there are 158 active gadgets for every 100 people in Luxembourg.

2. They make a huge mess.
People cast 125+ million cell phones every year. People shed their phones too often. Koreans change their devices every 11 months. Thus, our environmental situation totally changes, and the phones make big mess.

3. M-Voting in Estonia.
While Lithuanians book seats in trains via e-voting (online voting), Estonians use their mobile phones both for convenient vote delivery platform, and as a personal identity confirmation. So, they lead in a new era of so-called 'm-voting'.

4. Koreans adore writing text messages.
Korean teenagers can be called text messages' fans. They send over 200,000 text messages a year, that's about 60.1 texts per day. Such hobby must have made their fingers really fast. Korea Times gives the information that 'over 30% of South Korean students send 100 text messages a day'.

5. 1983 - is the cell phone's birth year.
The first device was the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. It stood for Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage.

6. Do you use your cell phone as a flashlight?
According to the information that was given by Sprint survey, two-thirds users' mobile phones' backlight acts as a flashlight. Actually, it is rather logical use of this gadget. What else do we need cell phones for?

7. Text message bullying.
Text message bullying has become wide-spread. Thanks to our mobile phones, almost every person is available 24/7. That means you can be found every time you don't want to.

8. Our gadgets will help to stop nuclear terrorism.
Purdue University's scientists are working on the following project: they are researching to allow network of properly set up cell phones to track the presence of radioactive material. Urban centers have become the most preferable targets for attacks. Thanks to the fact that the majority of people have mobile phones, this system might resolve the problem and find out where this 'problem' is situated.

9. Cell phone is the way to warn people about disasters.
Some countries have worked out the following system: phone companies automatically notify in advance their population about emergencies and disasters. Such warning is very efficient and it is free of charge. Japan and Finland were among the first countries who understood the necessity of this system.

10. The biggest part of Japan's fiction was written on cell phones.
The Japan authors - young women - shared fictionalized aspects of their lives using their mobile phones. Can you imagine, that five of the top ten works of fiction were written that way? As the result, people make big money using this system.


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