New iPhone Cases that Also Play the Role of Game Controllers

Jan 06, 2013
Mobile gaming is increasingly becoming popular, with the number of users rising by the day. Probably the main obstacle lies in touch screen controls that are not always comfortable. Despite the fact that today there are devices like ControlPad and iCade that were made to solve the issue, these require the user to connect additional accessory.

Recently two Kickstarter projects were developed to make gaming on iPhone easier. Besides, these devices double as cases.


The minimalist design and concept is rather simple. The case resembles an Apple prototype. Instead of transmitting signals to the handset via Bluetooth, it transmits touch signals to the edge of the screen, which means no additional battery drain.

It is also worth mentioning that the case is reversible. When the user finished gaming, they can easily remove the case, flip it around, and leave the controls on the device's backside.


This device takes a more custom approach to input, by sending signals via Bluetooth. The design regarding the charging method comes from previous cases. With the help of Bluetooth 4.0 and rechargeable thin film batteries, the user can charge the device using solar energy.

But a case that requires constant sunlight may not be suitable for everyone. With this in mind designers from Flipside say that their iPhone case will also harness indirect sunlight and indoor lighting.

In addition, the developers also hope to increase the battery's longevity. According to them, the battery will still work 10 years from now.

Just like the previous case, this one is reversible, and can also play the role of a traditional case. The control pads on the case snap off, and stored on the device's backside.

Solving Problems with Compatibility

Both projects are in need of collaboration with game developers. However, today there's a myriad of games in the App Store.
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F1 Race Car Simulator the Size and Price of the Real Thing

Nov 13, 2012

This F1 race car simulator looks awesome but it also comes at the cost of a real race vehicle.

It is worth mentioning that the simulator was created by FMCG International. The goal of the designers was to make a simulator that would look and feel like a real race car. They even designed genuine F1 car tires and brakes to provide more similarities with the genuine F1 car shape.

The simulator is available in red, silver, or black colors that represent the corporate colors of Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren respectively.

The user faces three 23-inch flat screens displaying the road. The simulator is also equipped with a 5.1 surround sound system.

Unfortunately the US4,790 FMCG simulator can only be acquired via Costco in the UK. As soon as all of its components are ready, the simulator is brought and installed. In addition, a person from FMCG will teach the user how to properly handle the simulator.
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Taiwan's MSI Unveils Powerful GT60 and GT70 Gaming Notebooks

Apr 25, 2012

The famous Taiwanese electronics company and developer of computer parts, MSI, has recently launched onto the market two of its brand new gaming notebooks, called the GT60 and the GT70.

The presentation of was made at the CeBIT computer expo that took place in March. MSI unveiled the mind-blowing specs of its machines. Thus, inside one will be able to discover Intel's new Ivy Bridge 2.3 GHz Core i7-3610QM processor and the GeForce GTX 670M graphics card from NVIDIA.

In addition, each of the two gaming notebooks boasts SteelSeries backlit keyboards, Killer Game Networking Wi-Fi radios, 2 Dynaudio speakers and a subwoofer with THX Surround Sound.

The GT60 is a bit smaller, featuring a 15.6-inch body and a display with a resolution of 1080p. Gamers will also benefit from 500 gigabytes of storage capacity.

The GT70 model is equipped with a 17.3-inch display that has a resolution of 1080p. In case you wish to buy one, you have the possibility to select up to 16 GB of RAM and a specific Blu-ray burner. The by-default GT70 model has a 12 GB RAM on it.

It is also possible to choose two 64 GB SSDs in combination with a 750 GB 7,200 RPM HDD. The weight of the GT70 model is 8.6 pounds while the GT60 weights around 7.7 pounds.

The starting price of each notebook is USD1,500. However, it can go up, depending on the specs, and reach USD2,000. Nevertheless it will still be a great device for any gamer.
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Thermaltake and DesignworksUSA Working on Level 10 M Gaming Mouse and More

Jan 19, 2012

Since 2009 DesignworksUSA, a design consultancy that also happens to be a subsidiary of BMW Group, has been working with Thermaltake, a company that produces PC cases and components. The duo managed to successfully complete a number of projects, including the Level 10 concept PC.

Recently the duo decided to work on a series of design concepts for a number of Level 10 gaming accessories that will be developed for the Thermaltake's e-sports division.

One of the first gaming products is expected to be the Level 10 M Mouse that will be launched later this year.

The main design feature of the mouse will be the upper hand plate that seems to float above the base on which the circuits of the device sit.

In addition, the Level 10 M mouse boasts a perforated surface, developed to help prevent the user's palm from getting too hot and sweaty.

According to the images, the computer mouse is a wired device with an aluminum chassis. Its price is yet to be stated.
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US Army to Launch Own Brand of Gaming Peripherals

Jan 09, 2012

Having the goal of motivating young people to join them, the US Army decided to team up with CTA Digital and release its own line of gaming peripherals, which includes rifle controllers, backpacks and headsets.

It is worth mentioning that all peripherals boast an authentic US Army design. In addition, all of them can be used with different platforms, including PS, Xbox, PC and Wii.

Currently there are 3 different rifles, 3 headsets and a backpack that allows the gamer to carry the gaming console.

According to CTA, several new products will soon be launched. Among them one will be able to find two Assault Rifle controllers for PlayStation 3 that can work like DualShock controllers.

"These controllers will have all the functions of the Dualshock mapped out on them, including the R1 button linked to the trigger," mentioned CTA.

Using the two rifles, gamers will be able to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Battlefield 3.

The US Army Sniper Action Rifle will be released for Move players. With its help players will be able to closely match their in-game guns by removing the detachable scope, rear stock or muzzle. It will allow gamers to play Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Socom 4.
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Corsair Vengeance Gaming Keyboards and Mice Out Now

Dec 19, 2011

In September the famous developer of gaming peripherals, Corsair, has unveiled its new line of Vengeance gaming keyboards and mice.

Recently it became known that these peripherals have finally hit the stores, which means that gamers will be able to benefit from a more comfortable gaming during the holiday period.

It is worth mentioning that the Vengeance line features 4 brand new input gadgets, including the Vengeance K60 and Vengeance K90 gaming keyboards, and the Vengeance M60 and Vengeance M90 gaming mice respectively.

The two new keyboards are made of aluminum. The M90 gaming mouse features 15 programmable buttons. It also boats a built-in flash memory that allows the user to save macros in up to 6 profiles that can be easily switched.

The K90 keyboard costs 9, the M90 mouse wears a price tag of 9, the price of the K60 keyboard is 9 and M60 can be acquired for .

Below you can check out a promotional video to learn more about Corsair's latest gaming devices.
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Record Breaking Video Game

Nov 18, 2011

We don't write about video games here but this time we decided to make an exception and later you will understand why. The reason is the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that managed to break another record in sales.

Just five days after its release the video game was able to gather a whooping figure of 5 million. This record break the older one set by the previous Call of Duty that gathered 0 million in the first five days after the launch.

In addition, the figure registered by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is not only the most remarkable among video games. It surpassed all other entertainment products such as movies and music albums in terms of earning in the first days of release.

It would be also interesting to note that Activision also unveiled other incredible statistics on the number of that have been playing the video game on Xbox Live. Here are the numbers:

- 7 million online multiplayer hours were logged in the game by the end of launch day;
- at a certain point there were 3.3 million players playing the game at the same time.
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iControlPad - Transforms Your Smartphone into Wireless Personal Gaming Gadget

Nov 14, 2011

Today gamers do not have to sit at home to play their favorite video games. A lot of interesting games are now developed for smartphone. The latter, however, lack the control that gaming consoles have.

With this in mind, the British and German developers have come up with the iControlPad Bluetooth gaming controller. With its help gamers can make use of one directional pad, 4 action buttons, 2 analog gaming controls and Select and Start buttons. The rear of the device has left and right trigger buttons.

The device is compatible with nearly all smartphones. You simple have to attach your phone to the device and play. It also has a metal clamp to hold the handset securely over the controller (check out the image).

Initially the gadget was created as a clip-over, wired smartphone gaming controller but since then it has turned into a stand-alone wireless due to an incorporated Bluetooth module.

It would be interesting to note that the iControlPad can also be connected to almost any tablet computer and fully-grown gaming consoles.

The controller has been tested with several smartphones for compatibility. The list of handsets tested with the iControlPad includes: Blackberry Torch, Samsung's Galaxy2 and 2S, the iPhone, HTC's Desire HD and the LG Optimus S.

Besides, the built-in 1350mAh battery can not only power the device, but also charge a smartphone using a USB adapter. Here's also a flash chip that can be used for upgrades.

The gadget can be used as an alternative for a Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, and Human Interface Device (HID) joypad.
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Levetron Mech4 - Perfect Modular Gaming Keyboard from AZiO

Oct 31, 2011

Developed for tough gamers, this modular keyboard called Levetron Mech4 from AZiO features a numeric keypad and macro D-pad with 6 programmable keys that the user can configure to their taste.

In addition, to work perfectly during heavy gaming, the keyboard was equipped with special seals and drainage gutters. Thus gamers will never have to worry about spills that can ruin their game.

The company also mentioned that thanks to the Cherry MX Black switch tech, the keys have anti-ghosting feature that allows gamers to press several keys at the same time and each key has a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes.

By using the included software, users are free to customize the whole keyboard, being able to create and save as much profiles as they like.

In addition, the Levetron Mech4 has a large knob (at the top of the device) used to control the volume and the user can even adjust the height using one of the 3 levels.

The keyboard can also serves as an USB hub for several low-powered gadgets. The numeric keypad has its own USB cable, which means that it can be used as a standalone peripheral.

The price of the device is $ 109.99.
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Turbo Fire EVO Wireless Controller Equipped with LCD Display

Oct 06, 2011
If you're an online gamer and you want to outplay your rivals using something more than just your own skills, then check out this cheat-friendly Xbox 360 controller.

Developed by Datel, a British developer of game accessories, the device, called Turbo Fire EVO Wireless Controller, boasts a 1.7-inch LCD display, which allows gamers to easily fine-tune settings all through gameplay.

Unfortunately (or not) the LCD display is not touch-enabled, so players have to use the thumbsticks and face buttons on the underside of the device.

Some of the options that a user can activate by pushing the buttons include the ability to increase of slow down the speed of camera plan, alter the fast fire rate, map combo sequences to just one button, turn on the "sniper mode," and adjust the options in case you're a left-handed.

It is also possible to connect the device to a computer through USB and download extra custom profiles for different video games. The Turbo Fire EVO Wireless Controller syncs directly with Microsoft's console and features a headset port for Xbox LIVE play.

The device is currently priced at $ 55.
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Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On - More Realistic Experience for Car-Racing Video Game Lovers

Oct 03, 2011

In order to make a car-racing video mage more realistic, Thrustmaster, a firm that designs and developer joysticks, game controllers, and steering wheels for PCs and consoles has released a new Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On.

The device represents an accurate full-size replica of the 150-degree Italia racing wheel that is currently used in Formula 1 racing cars.

With the help of a quick release attachment, the new wheel replaces the stock one on the Thrustmaster T500 RS unit.

It would be interesting to note that the wheel boasts a rubberized coating. In addition, the developer used scratched-resistant metal finish to make the facing and "push and pull" shifters of the wheel.

The user may also find some extra controls, including 2 encoder rotary knobs, which help the gamer adjust car settings, 3 metal switches to re-center the wheel, 2 high-pressure eight-directional D-pads, and 8 double detent push-buttons.

The F1 wheel has two modes: advanced, which involves the use of 25 action buttons and the D-pad, and normal mode, in which players are free to use 13 buttons and three D-pads.

In the end it might be worthy to note that the Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On is compatible with PC and PlayStation 3 platforms. It will hit the market this October, wearing a price tag of $ 199.99.
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Nintendo 3GS Deluxe Power Grip - More Comfort and Battery Life for Nintendo 3GS Players

Sep 29, 2011

CTA Digital is a New-York-based company that has recently launched a silicone Nintendo 3GS Deluxe Power Grip that solves the biggest issue of Nintendo 3DS, i.e. poor battery life.

The device offers additional power supply and at the same time plays the role of a stand. It is worth mentioning that the company has earlier launched onto the market 2 Nintendo 3DS-tailored grips.

However, its latest version is the first to feature an additional battery. The grip is rather lightweight - being made of silicone it weights only 226 grams.

In addition, CTA Digital claims that its device boasts a high level of durability, being able to resist scratches and bumps.

From the image you can see that the shape of the grip looks like a game controller used in non-portable gaming consoles.

It would be interesting to note that the Nintendo 3GS Deluxe Power Grip features a built-in rechargeable power supply. Thus players are offered the possibility to play the 3DS 2 times longer than if the used the standard battery.

The price tag worn by the Nintendo 3DS Deluxe Power Grip is $ 29.99.
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Vengeance - New Line of Gaming Accessories from Corsair

Sep 22, 2011

Corsair, a California-based firm that is known for manufacturing high-speed DRAM modules, USB drives and more, has recently announced about the launch of new peripherals for PC gamers.

Its latest Vengeance lineup features two computer mice and two gaming keyboards. Each device was developed for specific game genres.

In addition, the company has created three new headsets with noise-canceling function.

Read on to find out more about these gaming devices.
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MSI Launches Two Most Powerful Gaming Laptops

Sep 09, 2011

The famous Taiwan-based electronics firm MSI has recently launched onto the market its 2 new laptop computers that are part of the company's G series gaming laptops.

At the moment the devices dubbed GT780DXR and GT683DXR are the most powerful gaming laptops on the market, featuring Intel Core i7 processors and boasting a new graphic card from Nvidia - GeForce GTX 570M GPU.

Both gadgets have maximum power for video game settings and a DDR3 RAM boasting a capacity of 16 gigabytes.

The two laptop computers have their cases made of brushed aluminum. This material increases the durability and solidness to GT780DXR and the GT683DXR.

The GT680DXR laptop features a 17.3-inch Full HD Non Reflection screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. It also has a programmable backlit keyboard. The GT780DXR has a smaller 15.6-inch Full HD glossy display.

Both laptops are sold with a Blu-ray burner and hard drives with a capacity of 1.5TB each. Due to the Turbo Drive Engine technology, the laptops register 3.5 per cent increase in graphics processing.

In addition, gamers will benefit from good sound quality thanks to the THX Surround Sound speakers. Each of the new laptops from MSI has a 720p webcam, Bluetooth, 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi for connectivity.

Other technical specifications of the two laptops:

- 2 USB 3.0 ports;
- 3 USB 2.0 ports;
- HDMI 1.4 output;
- 7-in-1 card reader;
- 9 Cells Battery;
- Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

The price tag of the 15.6-inch GT683DXR begins at $ 1,699.99, while that of the 17.3-inch GT780DXR begins at $ 1,999.99.
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LG Launches Dual View TV for Multiplayer Games

Sep 07, 2011

At IFA technology conference in Berlin LG has presented its brand new "Dual View" television system that makes it possible for video game players to make use of the same screen but see only their own position in the game. This became possible due to 3D-style glasses that each user has to wear.

This technology was demoed by the software giant Microsoft. It is expected to be launched onto the market in a limited number of LG TVs. The system shows two different images on the same screen and after players put on the special 3D-style glasses, each sees only one image and that is the image of their part of the screen.

At the moment the technology, which works with LW980T and other products from the Cinema 3D range from LG, can be tested on the Xbox platform.

Gamers must know that after acquiring the system they also have to buy two pairs of special glasses the retail price of which can start at GBP20.

A television similar to the one launched by LG is expected to be introduced onto the European market by Sony. The Japanese company will develop a similar system that will work on its PlayStation platform. However, Sony's system makes use of more costly "active shutter" glasses than LG's "passive" glasses technology.
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Speedo Aquacoach - Timepiece that Counts Distance and Laps for Swimmers

Aug 08, 2011
People that take sports serious need to have a portable computer that would record necessary data such as distance, heart rate and more.

Recently the famous developer of swimwear and swim-related accessories Speedo has launched its own timepiece called the Speedo Aquacoatch. The watch utilizes a technology developed by Swimovate, a company based in the United Kingdom and founded in 2007 by thriathletes, to estimate the distance, speed, number of strokes and even calories that the swimmer has burned.

The device is 100 meters (328 feet) water-resistant and works in any swimming pools over 15 meters (49 feet) long. It can collect data of up to 50 swim sessions, which allows swimmers to compare their time and strive to beat their own records.

With the help of an accelerometer mixed with custom algorithms, the watch can count individual strokes. Because it can detect the pauses made between strokes (when the swimmer changes direction) the timepiece is also able to count the number of laps.

It is worth mentioning that the Speedo Aquacoach was built as a result of a four-year agreement with Swimovate that is responsible for the development of the technology.

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Gaming Enthusiast Shows Off His Huge Collection of Video Game Consoles

Jul 26, 2011
Today there are people who collect not only stamps or antique stuff but even video game consoles.

Having passion for video games, Sergiokillo from Valencia, Spain, managed to build up a rich collection of video game consoles.

He unveiled his collection to the visitors of the Campus Party, an extremely large technological event held in Spain. In fact it represents the gathering of tech geeks from Spain who come together to demonstrate their latest creations and share knowledge.

Sergiokillo's collection has examples of consoles older Mattel Electronics and newer that Xbox 360. It includes gaming consoles from the first generation and the last seventh generation and it's really hard to find a console that he might've missed.

Probably the most notable consoles are the ones from Mattel, the Coleco, VCS Atari, the Marter Systems and the Nintendo Mini Consoles.
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Casio Pathfinder Multi-Band Solar-Powered Atomic Sports Watch for Men

Jul 12, 2011
This digital timepiece from Casio is ideal for those who enjoy rough adventures. The solar-powered sports watch features a digital compass along with altimeter/barometer/thermometer. You can take this watch anywhere, be it mountain climbing or cave potholing.

The digital compass has 16 points of measurement that are shown on the dial face.

Casio Pathfinder also boasts tide and moon graphs, as well as moon age information. Due to its atomic timekeeping features, the device shows time with a very high accuracy.

The case of Casio PAW1500T-7V Pathfinder Multi-Band Solar Atomic Ultimate Watch for men is shock- and water-resistant (up to 200 meters or 660 feet), having 50.5mm in diameter and having a width of 1.98 inches. Together with the bracelet the case is made of titanium, a material that is almost half the weight of steel, but which is 30 percent tougher.

It is also worth mentioning that the timepiece is resistant to corrosion and hypo-allergenic, which means that it can be worn by people who have metal allergies.

The built-in altimeter provides 5-meter measurements ranging from -700 to 10,000 meters. The watch can show information on altitude, offer tendency and differential graphs and more. In addition, the watch activates a sound alarm when the wearer reaches a specified altitude.

The timepiece can also show current time in 30 cities around the world encompassing a total of 29 time zones. It also displays city code.

Just like other digital watches, this model has all the basic features, including, five daily alarms, 1/100 second stopwatch, timer with 60-minute range and more. Besides, you will be able to find an auto calendar, which is pre-programmed until 2099.

On a full charge the battery of this solar-powered watch can hold for 5 months if the timepiece is not exposed to sunlight.

The multi-band radio-controlled Casio Pathfinder gets a time calibration signal sent from a number of locations around the globe, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan; plus it features an auto receive function.
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Timex Ironman Global Trainer Watch with GPS and Heart Rate Sensor

Jul 12, 2011
The name of this timepiece may be difficult but it's a nice piece of technology with numerous features to consider.

The Timex Ironman Global Trainer is a watch that comes with GPS and Flex Tech Digital 2.4 Heart Rate Sensor.

By using its built-in memory along with GPS-enabled data, this small computer will allow you to view detailed information on your last 20 workouts.

One of the most impressive things is the watch's design. Besides resembling a sports watch, the Timex Ironman Global Trainer boasts 7 large buttons that are really easy to press. Three buttons are located on either side and the start/split button can be found on front.

All the information that the watch registered is shown on a 1.5-inch display. You can view data on your pace, distance, heart rate and more.

In addition, the timepiece features an Indiglo backlight so you can view data in low light.

This digital watch from Timex is also shock-resistant and up to 50 meters water-resistant, allowing its wearer to go cycling and even swimming with it.

The watch comes with a USB charging / sync cable that has a clip-on mechanism so you could attach the cable to the timepiece, an AC adapter attachment for the same cable, a bike mount, and a heart rate monitor.
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Gamers Get Ready for NVIDIA GTX 580M - the World's Fastest GPU to Date

Jul 07, 2011
Recently the leading company in visual computing technologies, NVIDIA, has presented what the company claims to be the world's most powerful notebook Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) called GeForce GTX 580M.

The GPU is a perfect option for true gamers as it is able to run advanced video games at 1080p in 3D.

GeForce GTX 580M will be available in Dell's Alienware gaming laptop M18x and the upcoming M17x.

It would be interesting to note that the GPU provides 384 CUDA cores with a CPU working at 1240MHz. In addition, the device will avail up to 2 gigabytes GDDR5 memory with a processor that works at 1500MHz.

Thus the new GPU card from NVIDIA will make gaming laptops more compatible for games that require DirectX 11, for example Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The most impressive features of the latest NVIDIA development include the ability of the GPU to support NVIDIA 3D Vision technology and 3DTV Play software. The former is used to turn 2D content into 3D and the latter is sued to connect 3D vision-based laptops to 3D TVs for a better gaming experience.

The NVIDIA Optimus is another interesting feature that makes the device less power-consuming. The feature will allow the much awaited Alienware M17x gaming notebook to have a 5-hour battery life.
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